General description

We have the technology and professionals that allow us to offer efficiency and precision in the translation of written documents from different areas, from general, to very specialized topics.


  • English
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Spanish

Our Services

Traducción tecnica

Technical translation

We offer a highly specialized document translation service. We work with translators with experience in different areas that can achieve precise and efficient translations.

Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Our experience in different areas of technical knowledge allows us to develop highly specialized texts, as well as summaries, essay, and others.



We perform text revisions of different topics, from general to very specific content. Our revision service includes the main objective of the text, grammar, vocabulary, and terminology.

Transcripción de Audio

Audio transcription

We possess the ability to carry out audio transcriptions. This includes the transcription of meetings, interviews and any audio in general that requires precise, professional and efficient transcription.



We have the tools to subtitle videos or any audiovisual material.